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So many resources, so little time! You know that Intersectionality is important to your organization's diversity and inclusion strategy, but how do you efficiently learn what you need to learn? 

Check out this pre-vetted list of resources on the topic of Intersectionality or demonstrating Intersectionality at work! If you need to get up to speed on the topic or if you want a starting point for your Book Club, Employee Resource Group, or leadership team, look no further! 

The resources are categorized by media source! Not sure where to start? How much time do you have? If you're running short on time, start with the TED Talks. If you're on the go, download a few podcasts. Ready to dive deeper, check out the articles and books! No matter how you choose to ingest information, there's entertain and education for you! 

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Resources are added monthly, so check back often! Have a suggestion that needs to be added to the list? Email