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Diversity Calendar Tips

A new year means a new calendar of events to plan and implement as we recognize and celebrate various people, groups, and histories. Let's start a thread of tips, best practices, things that you do to ensure success.

I'll start! I incorporate fun into my diversity calendar. Of course, I prioritize the serious observances, holidays, and recognitions but I also sprinkle in some fun! For example, I love to read so any book related observance (like National Book Lovers Day- August 9th) makes it into my diversity calendar. It also gives me another excuse to buy more books! I also love the food related 'holidays' like National Ice Cream Day (3rd Sunday in July) or National Cookie Day (December 4th).

You can always tie the fun observances to your DEI strategy by offering treats (or information) related to various food sensitivities or highlighting books written by diverse authors or about diverse subjects.

What's a tip or best practice that you have when planning and implementing diversity events? Let me know in the comments!


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