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2024 Personal Goal Setting:

Each year, I choose a different Diversity Element to go on a journey of learning and unlearning. Over the years, I've chosen different religions, socioeconomic levels, generations, races, gender identities, and so.

I create goals to learn more about that Diversity Element's culture, background, and traditions. I take time to reflect on my experiences with this group and unlearn any harmful stereotypes that may have informed my interactions. I prioritize support of these groups by frequenting their cultural centers, businesses, and events. I buy books by and about this group and explore other forms of media. I examine my network to determine if my circle includes people from this background and how I can build even better relationships.

In 2024, I am focusing on two Diversity Elements: Ai (artificial intelligence) and Mt (Mental disabilities) specifically trauma. AI is on the rise and is invading how we live and work. Its impact is unknown but there are valid concerns that AI may exacerbate inequities. Trauma is an up-and-coming topic in the world of DEI. I have several clients that are focused on trauma-informed care and the overlap between this well-established concept and DEI are clear.

What are you focused on this year? How can you be even more intentional in your learning and unlearning in 2024?


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