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Table of Diversity Element: Family Member

The Table of Diversity Element Family Member (Fm) is in the Caregiver Status column on the Table of Diversity.

"There are several basic elements of care that comprise typical 'caregiving' including:

1. Helping with personal care: This may include bathing, grooming, toileting, exercise.
2. Food preparation: Shopping for and preparing meals.
3. Assisting with errands: Picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy, transportation to appointments.
4. General care: Assuring a loved one is taking medications and getting to all of their appointments.
5. Emotional support: Being relied on for personal and emotional support.
6. Health monitoring: Keeping track of vitals, noting changes in their health, and reporting to doctors.

If we are helping with some or most of these activities, chances are we are acting as a caregiver for a loved one."

Benjamin Rose:

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