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Decide Diversity is committed to your organization's success. Get the tools you need further your diversity and inclusion goals!

Table of Diversity 12-Month Workbook

Be intentional and purposeful in your DEI journey!
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Product Details

The Table of Diversity Workbook is a 12 month guided journey to help you learn more about yourself, learn more about others, and learn how to take purposeful action to improve inclusion and equity. This workbook follows the Reflect, Relate, and Rise Up process that Decide Diversity utilizes to help clients build skills, gain knowledge, and improve 'know how'.

How does it work?

Each week you will receive a prompt to do one of the following:

1. Reflect on your own culture, tradition, and norms.

2. Relate to another culture through learning and conversation.

3. Rise Up to take purposeful action to improve inclusion and equity.

In addition to the prompts, set goals, measure progress, and join our 'invite-only' LinkedIn group to connect with others on the journey and get access to more!

Who is it for?

Everyone! No matter where you are in your journey- beginner, intermediate, or advanced- this workbook is for you! Each week's prompt is broken up into levels so you can choose your challenge. If you are at the beginning stages of your journey, choose the level 1 prompt to focus on beginner level activities. Need more of a challenge? Choose level 2 prompts to incorporate intersectionality and other advanced topics. The Table of Diversity Workbook meets you where you are and provides a guided pathway to get you to the next level!

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