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Table of Diversity Online Program

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DEI doesn't clock in and clock out during work hours. It's not just a work initiative. To be an effective leader, DEI has to become part of who you are and how you show up! 

To get there, you need a framework for learning, unlearning, and taking action. Show up with confidence and do the work that matters. The Table of Diversity Online Program gives you the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to get there, with a supportive community by your side!

Table of Diversity Journey

A Word from Demetria


I've been doing this 'DEI' work for years and I've always believed I was intentional in my efforts. It wasn't until I tried replicating my journey with clients that I realized I wasn't as intentional as I thought. I was reading, listening to podcasts, attending cultural events, volunteering, and leading various efforts, but it was scattered. There was no strategy to my development. I knew I needed to focus my efforts.

Now, I create an annual strategy for my development. I adopted the 'progress not perfection' model and decided to become a lifelong learner of DEI. Because of this laser focused approach, I am more in-tune with myself, have built genuine connections with others, and have learned what actions to take to improve equity and inclusion. There's no shortcut to becoming better. The Table of Diversity Journey breaks down the process and supports you in learning and unlearning. 

Let's go on this journey together!


Table of Diversity Workbook

A Guided DEI Learning Experience

How often do you think about how much your culture and traditions influence how you interact with others? What is your culture? What are the events, moments, and experiences that shape how you show up today?

What do you know about other cultures and their traditions? How intentional are you in seeking out information and challenging your current beliefs? 

What actions do you take to improve inclusion and equity? In your sphere of influence, how disruptive are you? 

If these questions made you think, the Table of Diversity Workbook is your new best friend! This tool guides you to Reflect on your own experiences, Relate to others and their experience, and Rise Up to take meaningful action, all rooted in the Table of Diversity.

By choosing a Diversity Group on the Table of Diversity, you narrow your focus and go on a more targeted journey of learning and unlearning. 

Interactive Table of Diversity

Customize your learning experience

What do you think of this scenario: Your doctor says that you need to go on a fitness journey and provides you with a meal plan and workout regimen. Day 1 is a low-carb diet, Day 2 is a plant-based diet, Day 3 is fasting, Day 4 is high-carb, Day 5 you count points, Day 6 is Yoga, and Day 7 is cheat day. Seems all over the place, right? You might make small gains, but there's a lot of room to be more intentional.

If your learning is all over the place, let's get more intentional. The Interactive Table of Diversity helps you narrow your focus and get specific about the areas you want to learn, unlearn, and grow.

Instead of learning about several topics and spreading your knowledge across a thin layer, go deep into a few topics and explore various perspectives to truly get a better understanding. 

The Interactive Table of Diversity provides you with the resources to get different perspectives on topics that confirm what you know, challenge what you think you know, and expose you to perspectives you didn't even know existed.

Table of Diversity Learning 

A supportive group of people on their individual DEI journey

The Table of Diversity Learning Community is a safe space to ask questions, get encouragement, and build authentic relationships with people who are doing the work of learning, unlearning, and growing. 

The Decide Diversity team moderates this invite-only community and keep engagement going by asking relevant questions, sharing interesting content, and answering your most pressing questions.

By engaging in the conversation, you earn badges to add to your profile and points to be used on your next Decide Diversity purchase.

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