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Decide Diversity is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training, research, and consulting firm that supports business and community leaders in going from awareness to action—deciding diversity. 


We empower all company stakeholders, from board members to volunteers, to create a workplace culture where everyone is valued and safe.  We accomplish this through comprehensive consulting, research, and training that focuses on the intersection of identities and how to create systems and policies that create a path for all employees to succeed. Through this work, organizations are able to attract and retain top talent, create more innovative products and services, increase revenue, and demonstrate leadership in their industry.


I’m Demetria Miles-McDonald, Mom, Millennial, Black woman, Founder and CEO of Decide Diversity.

I know what it’s like to be a part of an organization where no one in leadership looks like me. I share the same fears of the many mothers whose Black sons and daughters face an uncertain future fraught with division, violence, and ‘-isms’. 

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Through sharing my own unique perspective and experience, I am able to teach others the importance of embracing their own unique identity—especially those who identify as part of two or more marginalized groups. This is known as intersectionality, and when I discovered this concept, it changed not only my personal life, but my professional path. To help share the importance of intersectionality, I used the concept of chemistry to create the Table of Diversity. My goal is to make DEI relatable, because only then is it actionable, and only then does it have the power to create true, lasting change. 


I’m honored to have been the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions, including:


  • 2019 Young Leader of Louisville award from Louisville Business First 

  • 2018 Member of the Year award from the National Association of Women Business Owners Kentucky chapter

  • 2018 Trustee of Inclusion and Equity Nominee

  • 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award Nominee

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Decide Diversity is bold and innovative, and so are our clients. That’s because creating a truly equitable workplace requires audacious leadership to challenge the status quo, outdated norms, and narrow perspectives. Decide Diversity knows that most organizations do not intentionally create a culture that lacks diversity, equity, and inclusion. We do not vilify any one person or group. Instead, we educate, advocate, and serve. 

Our processes are different, because they’re rooted in data. We believe that change can come only when we dig down into root causes. This means finding data-driven solutions that represent the true needs of an organization. 

We collect data, analyze organizational norms, and perform assessments to determine the root cause of the DEI issues. There’s no one outcome we guarantee—but that’s because the data leads us to the right solutions and strategies for each complex, unique organization.



Decide Diversity is committed to raising the standard for how we approach diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. We are committed to developing a strong group of consultants who can work with organizations, conduct research, and continue to push the envelope for the field, giving business and community leaders the tools to think bigger about how to approach the wide array of 

‘-isms’ that show up in the workplace. We are committed to amplifying the voices of those who are silenced and creating a seat at the table for everyone.

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Decide Diversity believes that everyone deserves a SEAT at the table and we take every action to ensure that the most marginalized is included, by Serving, Educating, Advocating, and Transforming.

Creating a truly equitable workplace requires thought leadership, courage, and a willingness to challenge conventional “but it’s always been this way” thinking.
Decide Diversity is helping lead the charge by creating a new path for how DEI integrates seamlessly throughout workplaces.



Everyone has a role to play in creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace. Those involved must not only participate at an organizational level, but also be willing to reflect on the role they play individually.

DEI work is an investment that requires a long-term, ongoing commitment. To be effective, Decide Diversity helps organizations create a culture where everyone feels safe, and helps foster engagement from all employees throughout the process.


We believe that change can come only when we dig down into root causes. This means finding data-driven solutions that represent the true needs of an organization. It also means embracing discomfort—within a safe space grounded in respect.
This journey requires an open mind, curiosity, and the ability to take personal responsibility for what’s uncovered.


At Decide Diversity, we advocate for the marginalized and underrepresented to be at the decision-making table. We advocate for those whose voices are muted and silenced to be heard, amplified, and respected. We advocate for those who are ignored, silenced, and misunderstood to be recognized, accepted, and embraced—no matter how they look, how they talk, or where they come from.
We fight for their right to exist. We fight for their right to lead. We fight for their right to succeed. We fight for their right to be their true, authentic selves at work. We fight for their right to feel safe and valued.


Traditional DEI initiatives are well intended, but they don’t create true change because they only scratch the surface. They don’t create a safe space for people to be their true, authentic selves. As a result, most employees are forced to bring only one aspect of themselves to the table at a time. But what about those who identify as both Black and transgender? Or both non-binary and Asian? Human beings and our experiences are complex, so our solutions must be multifaceted in order to honor and address these complexities.


We can’t divorce our identities from one another. Instead, we need to look at DEI through the lens of intersectionality, and consider how all of our identities interact to create our own unique, lived experience. 

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That’s the beauty of this work at Decide Diversity—there’s no one right way to do it. We create a safe space to get it wrong. We educate and empower you to get it right. Together, we co-create solutions rooted in data to address the true needs of your organization.



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