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Table of Diversity

A fun tool that prioritizes diversity, promotes inclusive cultures, and brings to the surface inequities. Expand your definition of diversity, incorporate intersectionality, gain clarity on your diversity goals, and go on a journey of learning and unlearning with the Table of Diversity.

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Introducing the Table of Diversity

Today's mainstream conversations around diversity often involve race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and sometimes disability. There's so much more to the conversation and, as a result, in our DEI efforts.

Introducing the Table of Diversity! A tool for expanding the conversation around diversity, inviting more people into the conversation, and getting clear about what we truly mean.

Ask anyone to define 'diversity'. Chances are, if you ask 10 people, you will get 10 different answers. To achieve a truly inclusive culture, there are four things we must do four things:

Miles Table of Diversity 2020.png


Expand Our Definition of Diversity

Diversity is the unique combination of inherent and acquired traits. This includes the things we see, such as race or gender expression, and things we don't see, such as education level and religion. All these Diversity Elements influence how we show up.


Get Clear on Our Diversity Priorities

Diversity is an umbrella term. When leading and strategizing, we have to be clear in what we say and say what we mean. There's no one-size-fits-all solution that works for every marginalized group. Get specific to find solutions that are sustainable.


Recognize the Intersections

Our identities don't exist in a silo. We show up as all of our identities, all the time. Being at the intersection of identities can mean having a different day-to-day experience and interaction with various systems.


Go on a Diversity Journey

The Table of Diversity is a great starting point for going on a diversity, equity, and inclusion journey of learning and unlearning. Learn more about about your culture and traditions, unlearn harmful stereotypes, and take intentional actions to improve inclusion and equity.

See Yourself on the Table of Diversity

The Table of Diversity is a fun tool to help everyone see themselves as part of the DEI conversation and solution, not just as a spectator.

You probably recognize the Table of Diversity's inspiration- the Periodic Table of Elements from Chemistry. Instead of chemical elements, the Table of Diversity has Diversity Elements.

If you're looking for an effective way to discuss DEI and bring a level of fun to the conversation, get your free copy of the Table of Diversity.

About The Table of Diversity Creator

Demetria Miles-McDonald

Demetria Miles-McDonald is the Founder and CEO of Decide Diversity and the creator of the Table of Diversity.

Demetria is a consultant, trainer, author, researcher, and DEI scientist. Demetria specializes in developing sustainable strategies that make it easy for everyone to contribute to and benefit from DEI.

Demetria served as a John R. Lewis Racial Justice Case Competition Judge at Emory University's School of Business; was awarded the Most Admired Business Woman from Today's Woman Magazine; was recognized as a Young Leader of Louisville from Louisville Business First; and was crowned Member of the Year from the National Association of Women Business Owners Kentucky Chapter. Demetria is a Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award Nominee and a Trustee of Inclusion and Equity Nominee.

Demetria is a wife and Mom to a 3-year old and a 1-year old.



"When I lead workshops for IDEA+, or give presentations on how to create communities of belonging in the workspace or in a community, finding something that everyone in the room can relate to is important. The critical element (pun intended) about the Table of Diversity is that it enhances RESPECT for diversity. No one carries the same code...I promise you will learn more about YOURSELF...which, surprise, will allow you to appreciate and respect others."

-Serenity W.

2025 Table of Diversity Launch 🚀
2025 Table of Diversity Launch 🚀
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Aug 20, 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT
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