Hear keynote presentations that 

are engaging, informative, and provide actionable takeaways


Learn the skills necessary for true and lasting transformation for your entire organization.


Get a step-by-step plan for starting, reinvigorating, or advancing your diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Need an engaging, informative, and inclusive professional speaker?

At Decide Diversity, we offer personalized keynote presentations that will energize your entire team to take action and be a champion of diversity and inclusion.

Popular Keynote Presentations

  • The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Diversity and Inclusion Fundamentals

  • Intersectionality: The Future of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Creating an Inclusive Culture

A Few Past Keynote Presentations

  • Humana's ERG Leadership Conference

  • Norton Healthcare's Women's Leadership Conference

  • World Trade Center Kentucky Conference

  • Anthropologists and Sociologists of Kentucky Conference

  • Transcend Credit Union Annual Meeting

  • Association for Chamber Executives Conference

  • Strategic Diversity Symposium

  • Indiana University HR Conference

  • Kentucky Workforce Summit

  • Greater Louisville Inc. Inaugural D&I Series



At Decide Diversity, all training includes the following bonuses:


  • A poster-sized Table of Diversity

  • Membership to the Decide Diversity Community

  • 30 days of support to ask questions and get clarification

  • 30 day follow up meeting after training has concluded

  • A lifetime of Decide Diversity support and encouragement

Most Requested Training

  • The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Getting Started with Diversity and Inclusion

  • Finding Your Role in the D&I Journey

  • Intersectionality: The Future of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Creating Policies, Programs, and Cultures Rooted in Intersectionality



Need More Support?

Partner with Decide Diversity to start or elevate your diversity and inclusion efforts. Decide Diversity specializes in infusing diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality into each step of the employee lifecycle. Decide Diversity starts with the data and recommends solutions that positively impact your organization's ability to attract, develop, and retain diverse talent.


Intentionality matters! Decide Diversity works hard to ensure that every initiative, policy, and program implemented will yield results that you can see, feel, and hear. While change doesn't happen overnight, Decide Diversity designs strategies with change management best practices in mind. 

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HR Director,

Manufacturing Company

I've never heard anyone talk about diversity and inclusion like Demetria. I've been getting emails from employees all day. Everyone thinks she did a great job!

Chief Diversity Officer,

Fortune 100 Company

Demetria did exactly what we needed her to do. She talked about Intersectionality in a way that made everyone feel included and challenged to do better.

Executive Director,

Nonprofit Organization

We had no clue where to start. Demetria guided us in developing a strategic plan based on data gathered in our organization.  We now know how to reach our diversity and inclusion goals.