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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Keynote Speaking from Decide Diversity

Engaging, informative, and human stories delivered by an expert in DEI and intersectionality.


I’m a DEI expert, but I’m also a human, and I speak from my own unique experiences in order to inspire, educate, and empower others.

Shortly after the Black Lives Matter movement started to gain momentum, I walked into work and saw a stress ball in the shape of a coffee cup on my chair. Written across the front in bold lettering: #coffeematters. 


I approached my boss and explained why this was hurtful and offensive, and the conversation eventually led me to our CEO’s corner office. He was unaware of the movement, despite running a large, national company. I was shocked. How can you serve the people in these communities and not know what’s happening? 

Most organizations do not intentionally create cultures that lack diversity, equity, and inclusion. However, it takes a bold  leader to initiate change and challenge conventional, “but it’s always been done this way” thinking. It also takes a commitment from everyone—intern to c-suite—in order to create true, sustainable change.

At this particular company, there was no one in leadership who looked like me, a Black woman. Despite my efforts, unfortunately there was also no one in leadership who was willing to commit to the work on an organizational or an individual level.

That’s when I made the decision to dedicate my life’s work to becoming an empathetic, audacious guide to help organizations who are ready to commit to deep-rooted, lasting change.

DEI Keynote Speaking from Decide Diversity

Decide Diversity offers personalized keynote presentations that will energize and empower every member or your organization to find their unique role in facilitating change and fostering a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.


I've never heard anyone talk about diversity and inclusion like Demetria. I've been getting emails from employees all day. Everyone thinks she did a great job!

—HR Director, Manufacturing Company

DEI Keynote Topics

All keynote presentations given by Decide Diversity are personalized to resonate with your organization’s audience, industry, and challenges. Popular themes of DEI keynote speaking presentations include, but are not limited to:


The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Fundamentals

Intersectionality: The Future of Diversity and Inclusion

Creating an Inclusive Culture

DEI keynote presentations from Decide Diversity are not one-size-fits all. To find out which topic and format will work best for your organization, book a free 30-minute meeting with Demetria and the Decide Diversity team. We’ll discuss your organization’s unique goals and challenges in order to identify the best keynote presentation for you.

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Everyone has a role to play—it’s time to inspire your team to find their seat at the table.

Past Keynote Presentations:

Humana's ERG Leadership Conference

Norton Healthcare's Women's Leadership Conference

World Trade Center Kentucky Conference

Anthropologists and Sociologists of Kentucky Conference

Transcend Credit Union Annual Meeting

Association for Chamber Executives Conference

Strategic Diversity Symposium

Indiana University HR Conference

Kentucky Workforce Summit

Greater Louisville Inc. Inaugural D&I Series

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Book Your FREE Consultation.

No obligation. Just a safe space to discuss your organization’s DEI speaker needs. 

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I've never heard anyone talk about diversity and inclusion like Demetria. I've been getting emails from employees all day. Everyone thinks she did a great job!

— HR Director, Manufacturing Company

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