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June is Pri! Check out this year's theme and how you can go from awareness to action!

About Decide Diversity

Decide Diversity is a full service firm specializing in the science of diversity, equity, inclusion, and Intersectionality. We craft transformational strategies that make it easy for everyone to contribute to and benefit from DEI. 

We enhance the way individuals and teams operate by educating leaders, connecting DEI to business results, and making DEI a lifestyle.

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What We Do



Engage and energize your team towards a common goal

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Keynotes and Events

Thought-provoking keynotes that challenge and inspire

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Gain the knowledge and skills to facilitate interactive workshops

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Customized approach to infusing DEI into your organization

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The Science of DEI

The science of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a strategic approach to crafting solutions using evidence-based methodologies. We have created a systematic framework for applying scientific principles to develop sustainable DEI strategies, ensuring effectiveness and longevity. Central to this approach is the utilization of data-driven insights to inform decision-making, fostering rich environments grounded in empirical understanding.

The Table of Diversity

Table of Diversity: Understanding the Table of Diversity- A Revolutionary DEI Tool!

Table of Diversity: Understanding the Table of Diversity- A Revolutionary DEI Tool!

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The Table of Diversity is a resourceful tool for expanding your definition of diversity, incorporating Intersectionality, and bringing more people into your DEI strategies.

Get your free copy of the Table of Diversity and check out our YouTube channel for videos breaking down the Table of Diversity!


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At Decide Diversity, Intersectionality is the foundation for our training, consulting, and transformations.

We define Intersectionality as 'the unique combination of identities, both marginalized and privileged, and the experiences we have because of those intersections.'

We also recognize that Intersectionality encompasses the systems we exist within and the impact it has on our ability to thrive.

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