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Table of Diversity Team Toolkit

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DEI doesn't clock in and clock out during work hours. It's not just a work initiative. To be an effective leader, DEI has to become part of who you are and how you show up! 

To get there, you need a framework for learning, unlearning, and taking action. Show up with confidence and do the work that matters. The Table of Diversity Team Toolkit gives you and your team the tools to take your efforts to the next level!

Table of Diversity Team Toolkit

A Word from Demetria


When I created the Table of Diversity, I envisioned it as a tool to help me talk about DEI more effectively. In the years since, the Table of Diversity has grown and its use has evolved in more ways than I can count. I've compiled the many uses and prompts that I, and my clients, have used to find success.

The Table of Diversity Team Toolkit is designed for you and your team to incorporate DEI into every aspect of your work, and life. The various components give you the skills to lead DEI from where you are, engage in productive conversations, and facilitate change in a meaningful way. Build confidence and know that you are creating solutions that are inclusive and equitable.

The Table of Diversity Toolkit is for you and four of your team members. Need more? Send me a note! I can't wait to see how you build sustainable and creative efforts using the Table of Diversity!


Table of Diversity Getting Started Guide

A guide for leaders and your teams to have productive conversations using the Table of Diversity

There are so many directions you can take the Table of Diversity in your organization. Use the Table of Diversity Getting Started Guide to be intentional in where you start and where you want to end up.

  • The Science of DEI: A framework for making DEI impactful and sustainable

  • Using the Table of Diversity

  • Setting goals with the Table of Diversity

  • Check-In Moments to hold each other accountable on the journey

Table of Diversity Team Discussion Guide

A guide for leaders and your teams to facilitate conversations on diversity, equity, inclusion, and intersectionality 

The Team Discussion Guide is divided into levels so you can have conversations that are appropriate to where you are on the journey and that push you to the next level.

  • DEI Level 1: Prompts for people at the beginning of the DEI journey.

  • DEI Level 2: Prompts for people who are comfortable getting uncomfortable.

  • DEI Level 3: Prompts for people who want to be catalysts.

Table of Diversity Video Library

A growing video library with instructional material, prompts, and activities to utilize for yourself and your team.

Demetria leads a variety of activities and mini trainings that you can utilize on your journey:

  • Demetria facilitates the 'What's Your Diversity Formula?' activity.

  • Demetria leads a mini training on how to facilitate productive DEI discussions.

  • Demetria leads discussions using the Table of Diversity.

Table of Diversity Weekly

A weekly resource to delve into Diversity Elements via a curated selection of resources.

Each week, explore a variety of perspectives using an interactive version of the Table of Diversity.

View a curated selection of articles, podcasts, videos, book recommendations, guides, and activities that can help you facilitate positive change for your organization, your team, and yourself!

Best Value

Table of Diversity Toolkit



Resources for leaders and teams who want to incorporate DEI

Valid for 12 months

Getting started guide for planning and goal setting

Team discussion guide for productive conversations

Instructional video library for learning on the go

Table of Diversity Weekly for in-depth, curated DEI resource

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