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Table of Diversity Element: Adoptive

The Table of Diversity Element Adoptive (Ad) is in the seventh column, Caregiver Status, on the Table of Diversity.

"Adoptive is a label that many parents who have adopted a child wear with pride and love. Technically, it means 'made or acquired by adoption.' and most commonly, it's applied to parents who have adopted a child. It's also a term that helps distinguish between parents who gave birth to a child and parents who have chosen to adopt and raise that child.

Using the term 'adoptive' to refer to parents who have adopted a child is much more important during the adoption process than after the adoption is complete. During the process, the term helps to distinguish between the birth parents and the parents adopting their child.

After the adoption is complete, however, there's really no need to refer to parents as 'adoptive'; many families choose to drop the term because they are the true parents of their child, no matter what way they went about making that happen."

Source: American Adoptions-

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