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Table of Diversity Group: Caregiver Status

The Table of Diversity Caregiver Status is the seventh column on the Table of Diversity.

"The legal definition of a parent includes biological parents (whose parental rights have not been terminated) and adoptive parents (who have had parental rights conferred by a legal proceeding). A caregiver is a broader term and includes any person with whom the child lives who provides daily care to the child, and who acts as the child's 'parent' whether they are biological parents or not. A caregiver can be the mother or father, or mother family member such as a grandparent or older sibling. This includes informal arrangements in which the caregiver does not have legal responsibility. As with children, parents, and caregivers are critical actors within the care system and recipients of services designed to support them to fulfill their caregiving duties. "

Better Care Network:,a%20grandparent%20or%20older%20sibling.

"Caregiver status refers to whether or not a person spent time and resources, over the past 12 months, to someone whose needs are related to long-term health condition, a physical or mental disability or problems related to aging."

Statistics Canada:

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