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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training from Decide Diversity

DEI training customized to your unique team, goals, and challenges.


Develop the skills necessary to create true, lasting transformation in your organization.

Receive DEI training at both an organizational level as well as an individual level.

Foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture where everyone is valued and safe.

DEI Training isn’t just about learning new skills and perspectives—it’s about unlearning what no longer serves you and your organization.


Now more than ever, people of all walks in their career—from volunteers to board members—are recognizing the importance of creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. However, most employees  are unsure where to start. 


You don’t know what you don’t know—and that’s ok! But progress can’t be made until you are aware of and can recognize the issues and challenges facing marginalized groups, and that ultimately, impact us all.

You want to connect with people where they are. You need to learn the skills that will bring people along, not further alienate anyone.

You need a safe space to get it wrong. DEI training is an opportunity to practice skills and ask questions without fear of judgement or ridicule. 

When it comes to DEI training, you know that there’s a lot you don’t know, but you’re hopeful about what you could accomplish with the right guidance.

DEI work is both an individual and organizational journey. Decide Diversity can lead you along the path.

At Decide Diversity, our DEI training gives everyone a role to play in creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace. The team at Decide Diversity will lead each employee through the Triple A Method, an individual journey that ultimately will facilitate organization-wide change:

Step 1: Awareness

You consume the information and training through several mediums—books, articles, podcasts, videos—to develop an understanding of the current inequities.

Step 2: Aha

You internalize the information and self-reflect to determine your own unique role in the inequities that exist. With this new level of self-realization, you become empowered to positively facilitate change.

Step 3: Action

This is where you start to do the work! You take the information you consumed and translate that into tangible action that creates positive lasting change.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training

DEI training from Decide Diversity is a customized training program offered virtually or in-person designed to support your organization’s unique team, goals, and challenges and empower all company stakeholders—from volunteers to board members—to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture where everyone is valued and safe.

Everyone benefits from DEI training.

At Decide Diversity, we believe everyone has a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation. No matter who you are or how you identify, you have the power to facilitate change in your organization. DEI training from Decide Diversity will guide you on the journey from awareness to action—deciding on diversity.


DEI training will empower your organization to:


Develop intercultural competence so you can interact and engage appropriately across different cultures, and more effectively communicate and work with people whose backgrounds and perspectives are different from your own. It’s not enough to just have an awareness of other cultures, being interculturally competent means you can recognize, understand, and adapt to the norms and practices of other cultures.

Break down the biases and barriers that prevent people who identify as more than one marginalized group from reaching their highest potential. You will understand the importance of intersectionality—the many identities we have, their relationship to one another, and the unique experiences we have as a result.

Better serve your clients, customers, or consumers using your skills and knowledge of intersectionality and DEI issues to make more informed, inclusive, and interculturally competent decisions.

Create a workplace culture where everyone is connected, seen, and heard, allowing you to attract and retain top talent, foster creativity, productivity, and innovation, and ultimately increase profitability. 

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I've never heard anyone talk about diversity and inclusion like Demetria. I've been getting emails from employees all day. Everyone thinks she did a great job!

— HR Director, Manufacturing Company

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